Friday, February 10, 2006

Pets, Kids, & More


Someone in Baltimore left 6 puppies in a plastic box on the sidewalk and they froze to death. They are looking for a woman who it is claimed would not allow a neighbor to take them inside. She said Animal Control was coming to get them. Why is it almost always women that endanger animals?

Almost everyday someone is caught with hundreds of animals in their house, starving, sick, and dead. They almost always get a slap on the wrist. I say put these bastards in jail for a while and let Big Bertha play with them. Fine them $10,000 or more per animal. Kick them around a bit. This is totally unconscionable.


Kids on stims like Ritalin can develop cardio-vascular disease. Dah! We’ve dosed millions of children all over this country with drugs because the parents & school officials are too damn lazy to handle them. Statistics and odds are someone is going to get something. It is the easy way out and society is going to pay for it big time. Bring back corporeal punishment and get rid of some lawyers. The patients are running the asylums.


A true conservative would never utter the words, “There ought to be a law.” Why not enforce the ones we have. We have too many already.

Wake up!

The Hammer


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