Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Senator and Fat, not a Fat Senator


I read an op-ed today written by Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware stating that we (or the U.N.) should put a stop to the genocide in the Sudan. Ok, where has he been for the last ten years or so? Even though this is one of the most brutal of the African nations in genocide, it is not the first. As usual the U.N has sat on its collective thumbs and did squat. They don’t give a crap about anyone in Africa. Could it be because the people are black, poor, or simply have no power or friends? It is a totally worthless organization and we should not give them one more cent of support.

That does not let America off! We have always defended those who had no defense of their own. That is enough damn reason to do something. If you need to have to any more, Africa is rich in many metals and other natural resources, and we can always use them. He who helps them first will have the people’s support and loyalty forever. Instead we allow brutal dictators and big companies to exploit the hell out of the place.

Shame on us; and shame on you Mr. Biden for waiting so long to speak up and worrying about what the U.N. or NATO does or doesn’t do. Of course you complained about helping Iraq so what else can we expect from you?


As you have read, America is getting fat, the people that is. Here are my three reasons:

1. Most people, especially kids, sit on their chubby asses too much. Throw those video games out or limit them drastically. Give them chores to do. Not only is that exercise of sorts, but can teach them to work and be responsible. We are raising generations of deadbeats.

2. Stop the production and distribution of high fructose corn syrup. The production companies and food manufacturers have made enough money poisoning our citizens with it. It does nothing but turn to fat in our bodies (not mine, I won’t eat that shit), and for some reason that fat never wants to go away.

3. Educate the citizenry that Lo-Fat means fat and death. Lo-Fat foods are basically sugar. Human fat comes from sugar not fat. If you don’t remember that go back to school, private not public. All of the fat is replaced with some form of that nasty white stuff. The average person eats 100 times what they need. What you really need is more fresh vegetables, not prepared, frozen or canned. Also, Lo-Fat addicts, and that is what you are, are usually deficient in essential fatty acids, so much for nice hair, skin, or well functioning organs. Who needs them? Get a grip on yourselves. What sense is it if your arteries collapse from all that fat you’re carrying around, instead of being plugged up a little bit.

It is so difficult to understand the herd mentality. Grow up and think for yourself.

Damn I’m pissed!


The Hammer


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