Friday, May 30, 2008

I Want My Vioxx Back, D--- It !!!!

I have arthritis, and I want my Vioxx back. I used it on an occasional basis and suffered no harm, just relief.

Lawsuit-happy lawyers, you know who you are, and patients out for a buck took it away.

One suit was thrown out yesterday and another award greatly reduced, since there was no direct relationship shown with constant use and the heart attacks involved, at least in the Texas case.

What about those of us that used it once in a while? Don't we get a say in our own lives?

Here is another example of "big brother" watching out for our "benefit". Why not give us the information and let us decide for ourselves whether we want to take the chance of using something?

Life gives us no guarantees. Why do politicians and bureaucrats think they can?

Damn it!

The Hammer

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