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FEMA: Friend, Foe, or Tyrannical Tool! Part 3, The End?

The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun.
R. Buckminster Fuller

In the first two parts of this article I laid down the facts of the origin and current status of FEMA and the use of the military in this country.

I know that conspiracy theories abound about FEMA camps just as they do about the UN black helicopters. If anyone could show proof then we all could take a look and believe. I don’t. It is NOT my objective here to spread or further any of this.

My goal is to take the facts and present come current events and ask a few questions.

Here are some proposals and observations by and of the current administration, and the senate and congress.

1. Treasury Secretary Gietner wants to have the power to take over and manage financial, non-financial, and other business, basically unlimited control of business. When asked about the constitutionality of it, he just stuttered.

2. Bail-outs have been given to several companies and more are standing in line. However, the strings attached give the government control over the basic functioning of said companies.

3. The AIG salaries grab by congress is not only unconstitutional on the grounds of passing an ex post facto legislation but also of negating centuries of contract law. This is extremely disturbing due to the fact that Geitner and many congressmen and senators not only knew of the bonuses, but were implicitly aware of their origins and the timing. These salaries and bonuses were to the people that worked on saving the companies not the individuals that caused the collapse. Furthermore, it is going to be stretched to apply to anyone in the country making wages based on a bonus.

4. The above legislation was passed using and encouraging mob rule in congress and on the streets.

5. The Unions, who are in league with this current government, want to help with control by forced unionism and the elimination of the secret ballot with the “Card Check” legislation.

6. Contract law is being thrown out in the mortgage market as the government negates contracts forcing financial institutions to take reduced terms and even principal in mortgages that should not have been written in the first place. But they are contracts and they were signed by both parties and should remain enforceable.

7. Last week the congress proposed HB 875, The Food Safety Modernization Act, under the guise of its title it is in fact a ploy to eliminate the small farmer and grower and give total control to industrialized corporate farms (also large donors). Some even think it might apply to home gardeners.

8. The House also proposed an increase in the Americorps from its current 250,000 “employees” to 750,000. That is bad enough on the expense side, but tucked inside of that legislation was a proposal for the formation of a program of compulsory community service for young people, complete with camps, supervisors, indoctrination, and uniforms. After an uproar by some in congress it was dropped. However, when the compromise committee meets to combine the senate and house bills, many think it will be slipped back in. Lenin and Mussolini would be so proud.

9. One last proposal which should send shivers down your spine. During the campaign President Obama made this statement: Watch This Video! What is the reason for a national police force under the control of the president, if not a power grab?

The common thread running through all of the above is the centralization of power and control involved, the unconstitutionality of the whole program, and the financial, freedom, and liberty costs that are so apparent.

One of the problems is that the unions, trial lawyers, and many of the largest corporations are liberal democrats and donors to this government, and as usual pay-backs for taking the money are hell.

Considering everything I’ve presented in theses three articles, I ask the following questions:

Has the time of change in government I expected for the passed thirty years finally arrived?

What did Michele Obama mean when she said “that things will never be the same after her husband’s presidency”?

Will contracts continue to be binding agreements?

Why is the current administration so hell bent on joining a “world currency” and a “world government” and caring about and giving in to world opinion?

Instead of talking about giving in to the demands and subordinating our sovereignty to the UN, why don’t we leave the UN, throw them out of the country, and sell that property in New York to cover some debt”?

Why would anyone want to diminish our role in world affairs, reduce the military and create such massive government control?

Will FEMA and it's intricate network and massive power, be utilized?

Think about it and come up with your own conclusions. I know what I think is going on.

The bottom line is to be prepared mentally, physically, and logistically. Educate yourself. Question everything. Involve your family, friends, and neighbors.

Remember above all else: Freedom, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are fundamental God-given rights, hard won and easily lost.


The Hammer

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