Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're in the Middle of a Nightmare, Wake Up!!

I had planned on writing a lot more than I have in recent weeks, but I just couldn’t decide on what topics to approach. Quite honestly the myriad of problems out there cry out for discussion and action; however, there is so much being written from both sides, it would be difficult to set out an original article.

I have never before in my lifetime seen such a mammoth division between the basic two ideologies that tend to operate our political system. In this article I am going to just list a few of the major topics and give a short opinion from my viewpoint which is Classic Conservative and a little Libertarian. Then in the future, I will choose a few people, organizations, and systems that most people either have no idea exist, how they function, or relate to our present situation. First, here are those opinions.

Fear-mongering: It is unimaginable to me that a Republican would participate in this activity; but, I believe it simply proves George Bush was a liberal. He set the bar extremely high in this endeavor; however, Pelosi, Reid, Rangles, Dodd, Frank, and many others including a couple ultra-liberal Republicans, and President Obama far exceeded this objective. I do not know in the history of the United States another time that such an outrageous outcry was made. If their objective was to scare the public into a depression, they succeeded. Shame on all of them!

Stimulus Package: As yet, there has not been one presented let alone passed. The Republican TARP boondoggle again set a standard that the current congress and President were bound and determined to surpass, and they have. Their “stimulus” package was simply a pulled pork sandwich of graft and favors our great grandchildren will be paying off.

Who’s To Blame?: This is the current game that the parties try to outplay each other; however, there is plenty of shame and blame to go around. After the “moderates” and liberals took over the congress & senate in 1998, we have been on the crash course. There have been some out-standing stars that should get notice and awards, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Arlen Spector, and the rest that gang, and all of the weak-kneed Republicans that just “went along”. They can blame it all on anyone they choose, but the faults are wide and deep. Especially notable are the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac directives (Frank & Dodd) to lend to anyone whether they could handle a mortgage or not. This is one of the main causes of the bubble and collapse of housing. The two other was the greed of the finance companies that ran with the plan and the greed of the people who wanted housing for nothing, knowing they could never pay for it. To his credit Bush tried to end this in 2005 but was soundly defeated.

National Socialism (Fascism): Though the national media announces and promotes daily their support National Socialism as the 21st Century end-all be-all, it has been a miserable failure everywhere it was tried, especially in Europe. Pelosi, Reid, Waters, et al are not satisfied with that, they was National Fascism, the concept of private ownership and government control. Thankfully some of the banks are realizing their future and have said they will return the government money with all of the strings attached. Stand-by on that one, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Bail-outs: NO, NO, NO, NO! There is no company out there that is so damn important that we should bail them out. That is an impossible task anyway. Let them go bankrupt, and someone will buy them and run them efficiently, or they will return from a chapter 11 with new vigor, new contracts and a new future, or they will simply disappear. The stockholders need to take charge or lose. Read my article Disastrous Government Decisions: Corporations. It covers why corporations should not exist in the first place.

Regulations: Since 1998 both parties have increased the amount of regulations concerning every aspect of our lives, but none as devastating as in the financial markets, “marked-to-market” and the notorious “CAFE standards” for the auto industry. These regulations have worked to destroy everything they touch. The forced production and use of ethanol not only distorted the grain market but caused the hunger and starvation of millions world-wide. How can these politicians and greenie do-gooders sleep at night?

1st Amendment: According to David Axelrod, the Administration (and I’m sure all of the Liberals in the congress and senate) want to control the content of all media, television & especially radio (those damn conservative talk show hosts!), and the internet. Therefore, you had better get your opinions on here while you can.

2nd Amendment: The Libs declared war on this amendment years ago, and are now planning every attack from every angle they can, even though the Supreme Court ruled decisively on it last year. This amendment has nothing to do with collectors and sportsmen, it is one of our most important lines of defense against a tyrannical government, our own government; hence, Americans are arming themselves in record numbers for the coming conflicts.

All of the above demonstrate the violation of one enormous principal, constitutional law. Absolutely none of what is discussed above has anything to do with the Federal Government though it is right in the middle of the fray. Their only directive is to protect us from enemies foreign and some domestic.

As always, be informed and be prepared,

The Hammer

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