Saturday, May 31, 2008

OMG is Sara Jessica Parker Skinny!!!!!

I know this is not within my normal purview, but it is one of life's (my own maybe) little mysteries. Who in the world gets turned on by thin, emaciated, tooth-pick sized women?

Even in my young, hormone raging days the thought of holding someone like that (Twiggy in those days) would generate immediate bouts of nausea. I'm sure they would say the same about the thought of being with me, but, hey, get real.

I love movies and television, and I don't mean documentaries (though I will occasionally watch them). I want to be entertained and escape the stuff of life that irritates me. The type of material that I write about on here.

Revulsion from seeing the likes of Parker, Laura Flynn Boyle and the multitude of other anorexics spoils that profoundly. I like my women with some substance to them, some definition, something for crying out loud.

I saw a picture in the newspaper yesterday from her new movie where she was with Chris Noth and in a wedding dress. Unbelievably, I don't know how the dress stayed in place. Maybe they glued it to her. Her scrawny skeleton was clearly visible.

Please, someone tell me who in the world likes to see this type of deprivation and is attracted to it. Maybe other women, anorexics? It certainly can't be red-blooded American men.

In wonder,

The Hammer

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