Sunday, June 01, 2008

In Texas: Who Are The Outlaws?

When I wrote about the Texas child rustling case (the taking of the 400+ kids from the polygamists) on May 5th, I questioned the ethics of it. Although I suspect there are some cases that could proceed legally from all of this, I don't feel there was compelling evidence that all of the children were involved.

I'm sure the powers to be at the Texas Department of Child Protective Services bureaucracy thought their day in the sun had arrived, and Judge Barbara Walther probably drooled over the dream of her own television show, "Judge Babs".

You can not tell me that at any time the welfare of the children was the main issue. It just doesn't ring true.

Now the Texas Supreme court has ruled that the whole ordeal was illegal, but Judge Walther rejected their decision and has order the children kept in custody.

A few hours ago, it was reported that the Child Protective Services has been placed under investigation.

No matter what was done wrong at the Zion Ranch, you do not place everyone under (or behind) the same blanket of shame. You do not take that degree of action on unsubstantiated hearsay. If it is allowed here, none of us are safe. It totally weakens and dilutes our ability to help real victims.

Texas Dept. of CPS should be sued and the plaintiffs awarded millions. Judge Walther can't be sued, but she can be disbarred and sent to jail, which is where she belongs. No one is above the law, including a judge.

It is hard enough these days (with the myriad of laws on the books) to tell who is a criminal and who isn't; however, in this case, it is obvious to me who are the real Outlaws in Texas.

Keep Vigilant,

The Hammer.

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