Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebrate Easter Every Day: Personal Resurrection

For medical reasons, I have had to sleep in my recliner in the family room for the past three months. I do so with my companions Racer and Rockie (and sometimes Pepe). We have four dogs and a cat (that’s Pepe). We call them "our boys" (they are all males, it’s a long story). The other two are with my wife as she sleeps.

After a morning of rain, the clouds scattered and were thin enough that by night the rays of an almost full moon lit up the back patio last night and most of the room as I tried to sleep.

It was then that it occurred to me (as it often does) that I don’t understand how anyone could observe that moonlight piercing the trees that are just now springing back to life from a long winter and late spring, entering the glass in the doors as if they were not there, and shining onto the three faces looking at me as if I were a god and that person not understand the meaning of life.

The truth is that when I look into "the boys'" eyes (especially Racer's) I see their souls and the God that made them, and each of us. Animals (anima is Latin for soul) are instinctively close to God with their purity, and when we companion with them that brings us another way to bind with Him.

The business of religion and I parted thirty-seven years ago and I seriously doubt we will ever be rejoined. I sense no lose from that demise, for my relationship with the universe and nature and by my definition God is as close as or closer than it ever was.

Yes we‘ve had differences, (in the old days it was called back-sliding), and usually I sense a misdirection or some other mess up and get back on track, sometimes not. I can be stubborn.

I tell everyone that my Guardian Angel has had to work over time and when I finally cash in my chips he/she will get a much needed rest. You may ask as others have: “You really believe in angels?” You’re darn right I do. And you want to know something else, I believe in evil: figuratively and literally. It is written that most angels of God are his warriors that are called upon to fight the legions of evil. I believe that too.

This may sound very fundamentalist religion (it's not), but I consider myself a spiritual person not a religious one.

My wife asked me last week, “You really believe in evil? How?” I simply answered: “I watch the news.” She immediately understood.

William Shirer, the author of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” wrote on a visit to Europe in the late thirties that when they crossed the border into Germany he immediately sensed the cold, the darkness, and the void of spirit that pervaded the land. By that time the Germans had turned to the dark side and some were even practicing occultists. Evil can be palpable, Shirer discovered that.

Now I know that some of you will not only question the validity of these observations, but will attempt to say that my usual writings and some references here are diametrically opposed to said spiritual life, hypocritical if you will.

You would be missing the point entirely. One of the greatest gifts God gave us is “Free Will”. I believe that you choose your life here on this earth so that you may learn what you need to know so that you can then pursue eternity. In that endeavor you have decisions to make and you have the “Free Will” do what’s right and what’s wrong. The repercussions of those choices will not only affect you and your eternal life, but also your family, friends, and country.

The dark cloud of evil I referred to earlier began to seep into our beloved country in the late 1800’s with such enactments as the Corporate Laws: where a company could be born, die, or file bankruptcy, just like a human, but operate without a soul.

The Darkness continued its slow and clandestine worming into our nation’s soul with practices and misdeeds of Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt (both believers of big beneficent government), then later with FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Bush I & II (and all of the legislators that allowed each of the tiny and large steps), until today the evil of a Fascist Government is standing and flexing its heads like the mythical multi-headed hydra. Put simply, now big government is “evil”, self-perpetuating, and the absolute enemy of its people.

I believe we will be called on in our lifetime to fight this evil, unless our leaders wake up or their Guardian Angels kick their worthless butts into action. Not everyone in DC and the State Capitals has fallen, but enough have. We could very easily be looking at a Second Civil War, one much more complicated and difficult than the last, and much more devastating.

Millions of lives ended over the last 250 years to grant the freedoms, liberties and rights we have today and are squandering. We may well be called upon to make that sacrifice again. That is where “Free Will” dynamically comes into play. We will each have to make a choice and take a side, pray we opt for the correct decision, and pay the consequences.

Let’s hope enough of us have been reared with the love of liberty, the knowledge of “Free Will”, and the burning desire to make it all right.

Most especially, pray that it doesn’t come to that, but it likely will as it has done so many times before. Most people forget or never know history and its constant repetition.

I am truly sorry to have to write about this on such a Holy Day for Christianity, and a Holy Week for Jews; however, I see it as absolutely necessary, for there may be no more of these Holy Days in our future. All religions and beliefs are already under attack, and it will only get worse. Look at the persecution of the Tibetan monks.

Be not afraid, let true hope rule your heart and mind, let the rising sun signal the daily resurrection of your soul and spirit. Listen with your heart to what Christ and other teachers have taught so you may learn to use your ‘Free Will” for the good of mankind, our wonderful country, and the Blessing of God,

The Hammer

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