Friday, August 22, 2008

The Republicans Deserve to Lose, and Probably Will!

The Republicans deserve to lose because “they forgot who brung them to the dance”. It wasn’t the Neo-cons (the extreme Religious Right), it certainly wasn’t the Neo-Libs (the extreme Socialist Left), it may have been some of the classical Libs, but not many. It was the everyday conservative (classic) man and woman, whom they came to ignore.

The vast majority of Americans are conservative, hard-working everyday people. They want to pursue Live, Liberty, and Happiness and be left alone. They believe that government has little to do with there everyday lives, especially the Feds, and should let them keep most of their hard earned money, and reduce the size of government at all levels.

The Republicans came to power in 1996 for the first time in over 70 years. The public felt that after all that time they might finally get a reprieve for the oppressive federal government, and in the beginning it looked promising.

Then they let Newt Gingrich be fed to the wolves with absurd trumped up charges and lost his stabilizing voice (though I know some of you will howl at this one). Then they worried so damn much about where Bill Clinton put his penis, they totally got off track and looked like blithering idiots.

Then to placate the howling left, they “reached across the aisle” until they could no longer be recognized as conservatives, let alone Republicans. For the past eight years, the Federal government has grown 40%, and intrudes more and more into our private lives.

They promoted and passed the most vile and intrusive legislation ever to see the light of day, The Patriot Act, which threw Freedom and Liberty right out of the window under the auspices of “fighting terror”. Our millions who died for these rights, most assuredly are tossing and turning in their graves.

They continued to allow “earmarks” and other nefarious liberal tactics, and worse than that, they began to use them too.

They tossed out any vision of ethics and a lot of them did what they felt like, not what was proper, and ended in trouble and out of office. There is no way they could lay any claim to “the high road”.

If they continue to court the Religious Right and sleep with the Liberals, they have no business in government.

Our founding fathers envisioned this when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. To by-pass any and all roadblocks to our Pursuit of the intended goal, they added a ton of additional amendments (not all worthy) and have even called for Constitutional Conventions for such ill-conceived topics as Marriage and Flag Burning. Where in our Constitutional history is any of this even discussed?

The 10th amendment addresses all of it. Anything not specifically discussed in the Constitution is the purview of the individual states.

Not only didn’t we get rid of the intrusive Housing and Education departments, we got a new one, a Terrorism Czar (note the Czar part).

Give me a break. Throw them out and get four years of Socialism and maybe the public will come to their senses. Of course, you know the old axiom, “You can never go broke underestimating the public”.

That is why we need leaders who will lead and not read the poll numbers each morning at breakfast; who will be concerned about us and not their campaign benefactors; who will be true Americans and put the public good first. We have not had that in 24 years in the Presidency, and almost never in the Legislative or Judicial branches. We need it and deserve it more than ever, and right now the Republicans can not or will not do it, they need to answer for their neglect.

Alright, take your shots at me, all of you,

The Hammer

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