Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Grown Terrorists, Bad Cops!

I wrote two days ago about the incident in Berwyn Heights, MD where the Prince George's county Police SWAT team burst into the house of the Mayor, terrorized his family and shot their 2 Black Lab dogs: "When the Authorities are the Problem, It's Hell"

I have been so outraged by this that I have not been able to sleep. My wife has been so affected she is having problems getting ready for a much anticipated trip. We are both pet owners and lovers, and know the loveable, kind and thoroughly wonderful nature of the Black Lab.

Even if the family had been guilty of a crime (They WERE NOT, they were both victims of a smuggling gang and the police), what would give the police the legal authority, let alone the moral authority, to kill the dogs and track their blood and body matter all over the house. How could any rational or moral human being do this? Thank God, this didn't happen to me, for I would be dead or in jail.

At the very least these officers should lose their jobs and be placed in psychiatric facilities for their sub-human behavior. More appropriately they should be tried as the criminals they are.

This is not an isolated occurrence. Here in Maryland, on February 20, 2002, Joseph Schultz was shot and permanently disfigured and had his life ruined by FBI Special Agent Christopher Braga for nothing more than being in the wrong place and the wrong time, being misidentified and following the orders of the agents to open his car door. You can read the Court Documents. Schultz later was awarded $1.3 Million in a civil suit, but Agent Braga was not prosecuted even though his version of the story contradicted everyone else’s version.

Don't forget the Massacre at Ruby Ridge, when not only was the family dog shot for sport or just to aggravate the situation, but the Weaver family mother was shot and killed while holding her child.

We should never forget Janet Reno and her thugs that burned the men, women and children of the Branch Dividians in Waco, TX.

These last two examples are the worst and most well know, but this is happening every day. I blame a lot of it on over-zealous enforcement, lack of psychological exams of the people working in law enforcement, the lowered standards of recruitment, and the awful failed policy of the "War on Drugs" (obviously not a factor in Ruby Ridge and Waco).

There are over 1 billion Moslems alive at this time. I have read accounts that up to 10% of them are Radical Jihadists. If there are only 1% of them are, that is 10 million potential terrorists out there. So the range is 10 to 100 million of them. The worst part of this is that the other 90 to 99% are for the most part complacent about it or silently in agreement.

According to the FBI Crime in the United States Report of 2004 there are over 675,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the country. Using the same range of 1% to 10%, there are between 6,750 and 67,500 potential cop terrorists out there.

Now before you scream that I can not extrapolate those figures, consider this. A study was done in the 1970’s that indicated that only 30% of any employees were psychologically suited for their jobs, and one of those studied was police officers.

And, don’t forget the “Thin Blue Line” that protects police thugs, where the rest of the cops protect their own, and it is only the occasional cop that will “betray” a fellow officer.

I personally knew in the 70’s a Baltimore County cop that told me the reason he joined was he liked to beat up people. He only lasted a few years and then ended up building cabinets. That was then, this is now. Back then requirements for police employment were a lot more stringent than now. Today, Washington, DC police can even have a criminal background.

The soul of our society is dying a belabored and slow death. Many are ready to condemn the actions of individuals and companies for their actions, but are silent on the continuing destruction of our civil rights and liberties.

More importantly we as citizens have to awaken to what is happening and demand responsibility from our governments. This is supposed to be a free society, but the tyrannical nature of some aspects of government at all levels is becoming unbearable.

This is just a warning. Get involved. I don’t know how, but I am open to any suggestions on what to do. Forget global warning, there might not be much of a society left to worry about when and if it occurs.

The Hammer

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