Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do We Need Another Revolution In This Country?

I swear, I could cry when I think of how many men and women have died defending this country and the freedoms we once had. In the passed 20 years we have pissed away so many of them.

The two main reason for the War in 1776 was 1) billeting of English soldiers in private homes and 2) warrant-less searches and seizures.

We aren't making private citizens keep the military in their homes, but at the rate we are going, who knows?

However, our president and the seemly uneducated congress and senate are hell-bent on giving us warrant-less searches on a permanent basis. As un-American, disgraceful, unconstitutional, and downright treasonous the Patriot Act was, at least it had an end. Now they want to preserve the absolute worst part of it.

When a warrant is served by a administrative branch (i.e. the Attorney General, or any lower minions, even at state and local levels), or legislative (i.e. congress, senate, state houses, etc.) they should have review by the judiciary. That is called "checks and balances". It is not perfect but at least it is a little control on the absolute certainty of abuse of power.

It also appears that we need more checks on the judiciary especially the Supreme Court, whose rulings are based more and more on public opinion and politics and not on the constitution. That is one of the reasons we needed more people like Robert Bork. Those of you who fought against him should be ashamed. Hang your heads and cry!

Now it looks like Bush and the power hungry bunch that surrounds him, and the non-elected bureaucrats yearning for control of our lives are going to get their way. It is bad enough that the Republicans are going along with this, but so are the Democrats. Don't any of you ever tell me that Democrats or liberals are for the people, freedom of speech, etc. Bull-feathers. This proves the point dramatically.

Oh, they bill and coo about the changes they agreed to, and the other side b-----s and moans about what they had to give up, but the bottom line is the frog has gotten a little more cooked and isn't likely to jump out of the hot water anytime soon.

If you don't think this is important, ask the Russians. The Soviet Union has been gone for over a decade and the KGB is still operating (under a different name), and is now in control of the government. As my wife says, these people are like cockroaches, because no matter what you do, you can't get rid of them. Do we really want to go down that road?

If it sounds like I'm teed off, you're right. We are constantly being sold down the river and it is looking every day like we are going to have to put a stop to all of this. Call it what you want, but you have to make a choice, and I think you know which side I'm on.

We need to respond and fight back, and now. I know a lot of you feel as I do. I don't know much about organizing, but it is obvious we have to do something, before more drastic actions have to be taken.

Stop the madness,

The Hammer

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