Friday, June 20, 2008

The Rise and Fall (Hopefully) of the 4th Reich

Roger Cohen, in the opinion section of the June 19th edition of The New York Times, ridiculed and derided the Irish electorate for not approving the latest version of a constitution for the European Union in an article entitled "The Muck of the Irish". He blames the people of Ireland for gladly taking farm subsidies and not wanting to give up their sovereignty (my insert) in return.

Roger, me boy, if you are not uninformed (which I doubt) of the situation then you are part of the problem. You mention the Irish gladly taking the euro currency when the English and Danes turned it down flatly. That was indeed a mistake by my Irish friends and the rest of the countries of the EU.

When the families and businesses that were the powers behind the The Third Reich failed, they simply waited... until the time was right. By the 1990's Europe was ready for the attack from a new front, economics.

The same people that ran the Third Reich now run the Fourth Reich, they simply use another name and "newspeak" to get it over on everyone. Why do you think the headquarters was moved form Brussels to Bonn?

The last time a constitutional vote was held, even France (who historically collaborated with Germany, and anyone else that suited their purpose), voted it down. That is not a good selling point sir.

I ask a very simple question, "Why would any sovereign nation, want to give that up for the 'honor' of being just another state in a large Union, a very small seat at a very large table?" I can not think of a viable or logical reason.

It would be like asking the United States to become just another country in the Union of North America. Most of us would use our second amendment rights and die first.

We should keep our European brothers in our thoughts and prayers, because there is trouble coming "over there" with a capital "T" and it is not just from the mid-east.

Keep an eye on this one folks,

The Hammer

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