Friday, August 08, 2008

When the Authorities are the Problem, It's Hell

I have always felt that the Military and the Police are our main defense against the bad guys, and they have always had my respect, appreciation, and support.

But, what do you do; what do you think, when they go bad, get it wrong, or just screw up, and you have no recourse.

For the past several years, especially since the "Drug Asset Confiscation Laws" were passed the temptation to go a little too far has been there, and too often pressed into service for the wrong reasons, or act out of down-right creed.

Because of the "War on Drugs" has been fought (and will never be won), corners have been cut and mistakes have been made, some accidents (such as getting the address wrong on a search), misleads (such as informants giving out bad intel and having it believed as wish-fulfillment), and much overzealous enforcement. All have some unfortunate, if not devastating result.

One such incident occurred this past week in Berwyn Heights, Maryland, to none other than the Mayor of the town. County police raided the home of the mayor and his family to retrieve a package of marijuana that had just been delivered. They scared the hell out of his family, handcuffed him and his mother-in-law, and shot both of their dogs, Black Labs whose only aggression was too maybe lick the officers to death, if allowed. As reported in the Baltimore Sun article of 8/8/08, Neither dog had made any moves toward the men and one ran away and was shot in the back.

Here are the real killing points:

1. Town police were supposed to have been informed, but were not; and since the invading County SWAT team was in street clothes, if town officers had noticed the raid, there most likely would have been a shoot-out between the forces.

2. The SWAT team stated they had a no-knock warrant, but that appears to not be the case, and they didn't knock, they just burst in.

3. Two men were arrested in Prince George's County for importing "weed" and having it sent to unknowing people, in this case the mayor's wife, Trinity Tomsic. This is a new version of identity theft. They were the culprits in this story.

4. Here's the winning point, the County Police absolutely refuse to even apologize.

If this were an isolated incident, it would be a curiosity, but IT ISN'T! This is happening regularly, daily. What can we do? I was always taught to respect authority, that respect is ebbing quite quickly for this and many other reasons.

Why do so many innocent people (and dogs) have to be injured, terrified, and even die by the hands of those who supposed to protect us?

I just don't get it.

Here are some follow-up articles: 7:00 PM 8/8/08 Mayor & Wife Cleared and later this evening FBI Opens Probe into Raid .

Maybe this time they won't let them get away as they did at Ruby Ridge.

Stay Alert,

The Hammer

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