Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Russian Empire Strikes Back!!

On May 9th 2008 I wrote an article "Mother Russia, Why Do you Cry?", you might want to read it again.

Consider these points:

1. Vladimir Putin wants to be the next Tsar. He is not interested in bringing back the Soviet Union. When they nationalized (stole) the main oil companies such as Yukos, and placed them under the government ran Gazpron (through several paper company deals), you should know that Tsar Putin owned a considerable share of Gazpron and became an immediate multi-billionaire. Recently, they threw out British Petroleum’s head and for all intents have nationalized BP.

2. Through his former KBG training he is prepared to do whatever necessary in the old ways (bluster, lie, and murder) to get his way. He is indeed in charge. The current president isn't even a figure-head, but truly a puppet.

3. The Soviet Union collapsed because we outspent them and they basically went bankrupt. Oil has changed that. They are again a major power, simply because they are rich, because Putin is rich.

4. Russian tyrants, as with all such ilk, lie consistently.

5. Europe gets 25% of their oil from Russia, so don't count on them for anything.

6. Russia wants to annex (takeover) Belarus, the Ukraine, Georgia, the Stans (Turkistan, etc.), and the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia, all seaports). They believe it is their divine right.

7. There are 2 classes of people in Russia: those who can spend $500 on a meal and those who can’t afford 1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) of cheese a week.

8. You can not compare Putin to Adolph Hitler, because Hitler actually did seem to care for the German people; however, you can compare him to Robert Mugambe of Zimbabwe, who took everything his people made and put it in a Swiss bank account, and left them to starve. Putin wants one thing Mugambe could never really have, power, international power!

9. Besides physically attacking Georgia, Russia has shut off gas supplies to the Ukraine, and waged a cyber attack on Lithuania, which is already a part of the European Union.

10. The Ukraine and Georgia are fledging democracies that need help and nurturing.

What should we do? Here are a few ideas:

1. First, we help get the Ukraine and Georgia get under the NATO umbrella. They have already applied. I don’t know if it is possible for Belarus, or if they have even applied yet, because of their present government (rather tyrannical itself). This may be difficult because of Europe’s fear of Russia, which is counting on this.

2. Dump Russia from the G-8. They never had any business being there in the first place.

3. Try to get our allies in Europe to stand tall against what is coming. It is a long shot, but we must attempt to get them to see this for what it is, the possible end of their future. It is their ass after all more than ours. Thank God, Sarkozy is President of France.

4. Threaten to take-over Russian government interests in this country; however, this is tough since most of their interests here are private citizens; such as the company that recently bought Bethlehem Steel. They might put pressure on Putin, or he might just nationalize them.

5. Don’t believe anything Putin says. There is no cease-fire.

6. We must be prepared for all hell could break loose.

7. We must do everything we can, short of war (at least for now) to help all countries concerned. Be aware they have 14,000 nukes to our 5,600, and they will sell them to some idiot who might shoot them at us, or an ally. There are many more in The Ukraine.

Please understand:

Even if you are not politically inclined, you should start paying attention to this. The lives of millions of our people could be at stake.

My wife is from Russia (Kaliningrad) and she and her friends have only recently discovered the extent the Russian government will go to enslave, torture, and kill their own people. Example: the returning soldiers from World War II could not be cared for, so they simply drowned thousands of them in lakes at country “resorts”.

If they will do that to their own people, what would they be prepared to do to other countries? Look at what is happening in Georgia as we watch. I have a friend in Tbilisi whom I can not contact over the internet; hopefully it is just an internet problem. Thank God for satellite TV and the internet.

Some talking heads are already making rumblings of World War III, and they might be spot on for a change. At the very least, we have another group of terrorists to worry about!

Take heed,

The Hammer

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