Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Great Speech: Fred Thompson at the Republican Convention

Last night Senator Fred Thompson showed the Republican Convention what a real conservative looks and sounds like. Here is the speech in its entirety if you haven’t heard it: Fred Thompson Speech.

In his usual down-home style which probably galls and infuriates the left-wing liberals, he demonstrated what America’s is all about: dedication, family, love of country, wisdom, kindness, good nature, and so much more.

Even though he was my choice for president, his points for McCain and Palin are well taken, and show the huge gap between the candidates.

This election has turned into a no contest, no-brainer (a line which I’m sure the libs will jump on, let them). The truth usually hurts and makes the liars squirm, and the libs are really quivering now.

The Hammer

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