Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Libs Are Determined to Elect McCain/Palin

I was not really very interested in this election because all I saw were 3 Liberals running on both tickets, and quite frankly I’m tired of it after 20 years of liberal fiscal policies in the Federal Government.

Of course I agreed with more of whom and what Sen, John McCain is and stands for, but I still felt like I was voting for the lesser of two lessers (I don’t believe any of them are evil just quite misguided).

However, when Gov. Palin was chosen for the VP republican spot, I instantly became energized. Now I can be involved in earnest.

Though I definitely agree with her fiscal policies, I can not totally agree with her Social policies, for we do have a couple spots where we differ. ** Footnote

1. I believe in Pro-choice in the first 12 weeks (even though I am basically anti-abortion, especially for family planning), or until there is a viable fetus, whichever comes first. Until that time it is all between the woman, the father, their doctor, and their God: until that point it is no one else’s business, especially the Federal Government. There is an argument to be made for possibly a state involvement but that too is questionable. That is sufficient time to make up your mind. After there is a viable fetus or 12 weeks, it should definitely be classed as infanticide.

2. Creationism should be taught in schools, but not in science class, for it is faith not scientific study. It belongs in a comparative religion class, and I believe that class should be mandatory for everyone. You could never in the past, and can not now understand the workings of different cultures and their minds without knowing their religious outlook. Religion is far too often the basis for conflict and war and therefore is most profoundly important.

Because of Gov. Palin’s family situation and make-up she has been excoriated in the liberal press and internet blogs. The horrific, vehement, vitriolic, and done-right nasty filth that has spewed forth is turning off America as fast as any wildfire I have ever seen.

A perfect example is the unbelievable article written in the Baltimore Sun by Susan Reimer: A Woman – but why this woman? She should be totally ashamed of herself, but of course libs never are. As of this minute it has spawned over 7800 comments nationwide, mostly in defense of Gov. Palin.

You libs (and you know who you are) will never learn. When you try to destroy someone instead of arguing ideologies, it most always backfires, and this is no exception. Whether she is competent or not is irrelevant. (I believe of the 3 she is the most competent and well-grounded, and has the best chance of increasing her abilities, being young and smart.)

What is relevant is that decency and kindness is the “Mother’s Milk” of humanity, and your total neglect of that has bitten you in the butt one more time. You are the Mccain/Palin ticket's most ardent supporters whether you like it or not, and you will very likely insure their elections.

** Since writing this, it has come to my attention that I may have been misinformed. There appears to be little disagreement on this 2 issues, and she is more in line with my opinion. I will keep on eye on this and update as information becomes available.


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