Monday, March 13, 2006

POV: Bill O'Reilly

The reason I have O'Reilly's POV side by side with Bill Maher's is that they seem to disagree (an obvious understatement). I don't know how real or serious Maher's dislike for him is, but it appears to be genuine. It is difficult to assess these things as both men are entertainers first and pundits second.

I believe they honestly think most of what they say is their feelings, but you always have to listen with a jaded ear. Remember money talks.

O'Reilly's major plus is that unlike Maher he doesn't bad-mouth or attack people personally. His major minus is he does shout them down, whereas Maher is a little more respectful.

As I have said many times, there is no one I agree with all of the time, but I do enjoy listening to these two. Once a week or so is enough though.

I'm sure most of you can only handle a little of me, but who gives a crap, right?

The Hammer


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