Sunday, November 19, 2006

You've Got To Be Kidding!

There were 2 events this week that drove me absolutely nuts when I read about them.

First an AP story that began,” The Bush administration, to the consternation of its critics, has picked the medical director of an organization that opposes premarital sex, contraception and abortion to lead the office that oversees federally funded teen pregnancy, family planning and abstinence programs.”

They are referring to the federal Office of Population Affairs which has a budget of 283 million dollars.

Another story this morning stated that one of the first big concerns of the new congress is who will receive federal aid in updating their analog television sets to HD in 2009.

Ok, will someone PLEASE tell me what the hell business is it of the federal government, or any government to be involved in either of these cases?

The first is entirely in the domain of society and no government has the right to influence us in our sex lives. Our families, churches and other social organizations have the right, no the responsibility, to effect changes in this area, if changes are desired, NOT the government.

Why should some of the people have to pay for television viewing for others? Here I am giving the appropriateness of the government being involved with the regulation of the airways a possibility of being a necessary evil, but how can you stretch that into funding for television set adaptors?

This is totally mind boggling to me and two specific examples of government bureaucracy run amok.

The Hammer


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