Sunday, October 29, 2006

Who Am I?

I am a Barry Goldwater conservative; a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. No, I am not a Libertarian simply because they can never win an argument because no two of them can agree on anything; much less place a winning candidate on a ticket.

I am by default a Republican. I grew up in a Republican household, but when I moved to Maryland in 1967 I registered Independent. The problem there was that you could not vote in the primaries.

After thirteen years I wanted to be more active in local politics so I joined the Democratic Party. You may ask why. In those times there were no Republicans to amount to anything in Baltimore County, especially where I lived. To accomplish something you had to be a Democrat.

It might be as onerous as you might think. The majority of Marylanders even today are conservatives. It is their history of being Democrats that engulfs their lives. The families here have been in that party since the beginning of time and “By God” they will never change. That is how the occasional Republican is elected, when enough of them can’t take the Liberal on the other ticket.

When I was told in no uncertain terms that a local young attorney was ordained to be the County Councilman from my district and I had no chance in hell of running, I quit trying and retired from the position of obscurity I had gotten to. A sideline to this was that the individual did become the councilman and was later indicted for some sort of skullduggery. Figures, doesn’t it?

Nine years later a very good man ran for Baltimore County Executive (and a former Democrat), I rejoined the Republican Party and worked my ass off for his election. He won and received about 30% of the vote in my area with a 9 to 1 Dem to Rep advantage. The Sheriff got 45% of the vote, a Republican also. It was apparent enough that I was invited to and sat at the C.E. table at the next annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

Now don’t get me wrong, I again state that I am a Republican by lack of choice. The party has been taken over by the Religious Wackos on the far right, just as the Dems have been by the Crazies on the left. There really isn’t a party for those of us that believe in freedom and liberty anymore.

Till the next time, when the Fight continues,

The Hammer


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