Friday, March 24, 2006

POV: Idiots in Iraq

Those three peace-niks that were rescued yesterday in Iraq really piss me off. Not only didn’t they thank us or the Brits for saving their asses; they blamed us for their problems.

Don’t get me wrong, if a conscientious objector is truly a believer and does not want to kill people fine, I have no problem. Just stay the hell away from a situation like that. If you want to get involved that is fine too, but don’t expect us to save your butt if you are going to go into harm’s way.

These idiots are James Loney, Harmeet Singh Sooden & Norman Kember. They are probably pretty nice people, but they have no brains. A peace achievement is made by leveling the opponent’s resistance and offer a better procedure for living and governing. Talk only gets you killed when power struggles are in the forefront.

In this case, the struggle is between an old and new way of life. The Iraqi people and we Americans are in the middle.


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