Thursday, April 27, 2006

POV: Polygamy AOK

I have been watching HBO’s “Big Love’. It is a story about a man with three wives, i.e. polygamy. It is very interesting and recommended watching.

The statement I will make here will probably offend my conservative friends and liberal enemies alike. I believe that any two… or more consenting adults have the right to form any union (marriage) that they feel is appropriate for them.

Yes, gay & lesbian marriage is fine, as is polygamy and polyandry.

You can make jokes about how homosexual marriage partners have the same rights to be miserable as straight couples, and unhappy in divorce and straights, but that just isn’t the point. As we go through this lifetime, we have the inalienable right to try and find happiness in any relationship we can, as long as it doesn’t hurt any of the partners.

The only reason I can think people have been against polygamy is that men have historically made the laws, governmental and canon. If it were allowed many of these men would never have marriages or families. This might not be such a bad idea since many of them are such losers and bad guys. Maybe the genetic pool would be a lot cleaner since most women are very savvy and would innately go for the best, even if it meant sharing.

More next time.

The Hammer


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