Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Word About Education

The news now is that schools all across our great nation are teaching to the test. Big Deal! They have always done it. Here in Maryland where the state has had tests in place for years, teaching to the test is a norm.

The problem is that other areas such as Music, Art, & History are lessen or obliterated. It’s been bad enough that history & geography have been relegated to the euphemism of Social Studies since the 1960’s and no one knows where anything is or what happened yesterday. Look how we dropped in science in comparison to the rest of the world.

The fault lies in many places, but mostly in the federal government. That body exists for only a couple reasons: defending the country from outside aggression and the promotion and continuance of free trade between the states. Even though the Interstate commerce Acts are used to get into other areas, the Feds have no business in Education, Housing, Medicine, or anything else.

Other places to place blame are the trial lawyers, the teachers unions, & the public school system. Anytime you give a business (the public schools) a virtual monopoly through taxing and related laws and allow the workers (the teachers unions) to run said business, crap is going to happen. Add to that the lawyers who have mucked up everything associated with schooling so that the students are the ones truly in charge, what do you expect?

I’ll go into more detail in the future. Right now this is enough to make my blood boil for the rest of the day.

The Hammer


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