Monday, May 29, 2006

DC, Crime Captial

You think crime in DC is only on the streets & in the Federal Government? Think again.

The other day I drove to Greenbelt and took the DC subway downtown. Parking was to be $3.50 & the subway fare was $5.80 round trip. The parking cost was reasonable and the subway fare a little unreasonable, but still cheaper than driving downtown and paying to park, not counting fighting the traffic.

All seemed right with the world until I came back to the lot in the afternoon. Now I want you to know we are not talking about earth shattering money, but pure unadulterated deceit. The posted cost of parking posted there and on the internet was $3.50. However, when you go to pay for it, you find out you have to buy a “Smart Card”. The cost of the card is $10.00, $5.00 of which goes to the actual cost of the card. The other $5.00 can be used to pay your parking. The only way you can use the leftover $1.50 is to return to that god forsaken town and put another $10.00 in the machine and have $11.50 on your card, pay another parking bill and be stuck with $8.00 in limbo for a few more years.

I called the information people and they said that I could use it permanently. I told them it was false advertising to say the cost was $3.50 when in actuality it was $10.00. They hung up on me.

Let me ask a very serious question. Who is their right mind would go to DC unless they had to for work, or some other compelling reason. Deceit, deception, and business as usual should be the phrase on their logo.


The Hammer


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