Tuesday, November 14, 2006

English, A National Language? A Resounding Yes!

Yesterday Taneytown, Maryland voted to make English its official language. As you might expect the hue and cry was heard immediately. The applause and boos were probably in equal numbers.

Here is my take on it.

I believe that English should be the official language of the nation, and that all business, contracts, and any documents that need to be recorded should be in English. Anything that will be used in a court of law or in any government program, investigation, or other bit of daily legal business should be in that language. It should be known and recognized as our language, period.

Here’s why.

You simply can not grow, prosperous and be self-sufficient without knowing English. Immigrants in the past knew this and made every effort to learn it themselves and demanded their children know it. In some cases they went too far when they refused to teach their children their native tongue.

I also believe everyone should know at least a second language if not more. It should be a requirement to graduate. Oops, I forgot, students don’t even have to know English (or geography, history, art, music, and on) to get out of school.

Why am I so hard on this? Am I a racist or anti-multi-cultural; racist no, anti-multicultural, yes, at least in the accepted definition of it. It worries me that cultures are corrupted and sometimes lost because of the influence of our culture in the world and I believe that every effort should be made to keep the many beautiful ones that exist. It saddens me when they are affected as much as they are by our media and cultural expansion.

However, if someone is living in the U.S. and wants to make a good life for themselves and be a productive member of society, they have to know the language, or they are stuck in their own little communities. This leads to the Balkanization and trouble. I will say more about this at another time.

Whether they know it or not (and I truly believe they know it), the force of the Neo-Libs’ interference with this multicultural, multilingual BS is strictly for votes and culminates in the development of a third class citizenry. The end result is control and loss of freedom for a significant part of our populace. In my mind it is criminal, a crime disguised as compassion.

The Hammer


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