Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006: Who Lost?

The Republicans certainly were not the losers, though they did lose big and deservedly so. Who were the losers? We were of course. We always are.

The elephants were run out of the pasture because they forgot who they are. They cut taxes which was the proper move, bringing billions more into the treasurer, but the spent the money and grew government like drunken Democrats. Good riddance.

The war in Iraq: we were right to step onto the world stage again, but only if we were going to be serious. Wasn’t a half-hearted, no quarter-hearted, attempt sufficient in Vietnam? Why throw our soldiers lives away if we don’t want to win. You need twice as many men and women involved as we have now. If we can’t recruit enough, or draft enough, hire them somewhere else.

We obviously need a much larger military then at present, because there is a lot more to do, say Korea? Darfur? Syria? Lebanon? That list is going to get longer and we can’t run and hide like the Dems want to. We are the big kid on the block and we can’t let the bullies run amok.

Speaking of the Democrats, they did not win, the Republicans lost. If the Reps lost because they forgot who they, do not forgot for a minute the asses (word for donkeys) forgot who they are. They are basically run by the lunatic left: Pelosi, Dean, Clinton, and so on.

Additionally, the lunatic right has so much control over the Republicans that liberals like Bush only have to say “Praise Jesus” and they get their votes.

So we are the big losers. We go from having liberal weak-kneed Republicans running the show to liberal soft-headed Democrats running it.

Since I’m certainly not a crazy right-wing kind of guy, I can honestly say,” God help us!”

The Hammer


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