Sunday, December 17, 2006

The World According to Bert: Part I

A Couple POV’s

  1. December 6, 2006 – another day that will live in Infamy. Taking a page from history, the Baker, et al Report hit the world with the impact of a meteor and made our future even more precarious than it already was. Neville Chamberlain can rest easy knowing that there are fools equally as incompetent and imbecilic as he. Though I have many misgivings and down right disagreements with our handling of the War in Iraq in particular and the “War on Terrorism” in general, placation and begging is certainly not the answer. These people should sneak home in the darkness of night and hide their heads for the rest of their lives.
  1. My main problem with our involvement in Iraq is that it was premature, understaffed, and ill-equipped physically and mentally. After Afghanistan we should have laid the deserved full worth of our anger on Syria first as a warning to war-mongers everywhere, and as surgically as possible leveled the nuclear capability of Iran (and Korea for good measure), and sent a clear message to Saudi Arabia that our ass-kissing days were over.
  1. Syria is the main root of evil in the world. They have attacked us before with no response from Washington and now feel that they can fund and train terrorists without accountability to anyone, certainly not to the feckless United Nations. Most of the insurgents in Iraq are from Syria (with some from Iran & our good friends Pakistan) and would not be there killing Iraqis and our soldiers if they were eliminated beforehand. Your worst enemies must be vanquished first and wipe out the minor foes if they don’t run for cover.

More later,

The Hammer


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