Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Darfur! What Are We Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

Most of the time, we Americans are the most generous, kind, honorable nation of people that has ever lived on the earth. During natural catastrophes world-wide (except maybe our own), we are usually the first responders. Our allies need us we are there, but sometimes…

Six million Jews died in Germany, again six million Cambodians were exterminated in Pol Pot’s intellegencia holocaust, and country after country in Africa has practiced genocide on its own people.

Where were we and the rest of the world, while all of this took place: looking the other way of course. Why? There are many reasons, none of which bring honor home.

In World War II, the U.S. government and big business were populated by anti-Semites, both closeted and in the open, who refused to intervene. One of my unanswered questions in life is: for this and many other reasons, why would any Jewish person ever vote Democrat?

Maybe after the Vietnam War we were weary, but that is no excuse. Could it be that they were just Asians that looked a lot like the Vietnamese, after all they all look alike? An interesting side note: George McGovern (the penultimate peace dove) was the only senator to stand and ask why we were letting those people die.

Africa. They are poor, mostly black, and live in a very inhospitable landscape. Who knows? Is it because it is mostly black-on-black crime, perpetrated by some of the worst dictators and thugs in history, or is it because the culprits, especially in Darfur, are Moslems practicing extremism Islam? We don’t want to offend them; after all they only want to kill anyone who isn’t Moslem. Maybe if they kill these people, they’ll leave us be. Sure!

President Clinton went there to pose for pictures and nothing else and was lauded for his great work. President Bush has done more for Africa, especially Aids treatment and care than any other president, and has been totally ignored. Maybe the lack of media support for Black Africa is telling in the over all scheme of things.

Economically it makes no sense, because the continent is the main source for rare and semi-rare elements which are desperately needed in medical research and war materials. (That in itself is in itself a grand irony.)

Here are some major points to consider:

  1. We are the last of the old line superpowers. We have a moral imperative to help the victims, maybe even police the wrong doers of the world, i.e. do away with them.
  2. The United Nations is a weak, corrupted old group of Hate America and the West countries, and you can never count on them. We should bail out ASAP.
  3. Democrats are supposed to be the civil libertarians of the world, but their response is to talk to our enemies and find ways to capitulate to their every whim. This also appears to be Senator Obama’s main theory of handling world affairs.
  4. That publicity seeking, senile old fool, Jimmy Carter, would rather sleep with Hamas than get involved in Africa. Maybe he built a mud hut or something, somewhere; though, I’ve never heard that he did even that.
  5. China is investing a ton of money in Africa to build processing plants for copper and other metals. The Africans really don’t like them, so why aren’t we there instead?
  6. The bottom line is: For God’s Sake, these are human beings that are being slaughtered like cattle. The difference is that cows are not raped and tortured first.

I think it is about time we get out that big stick Teddy used to carry and start whooping some ass, or have we become a nation of whiny ostriches?

Something to think about, because my brothers and sisters, the future is right around the corner,

The Hammer

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