Monday, May 05, 2008

Protecting the Children? Part I

How do we protect our children? The larger question is: from whom must we protect them?

With all the ruckus, concern (both artificial and sincere) and sensationalism stirred up in San Angelo, Texas by a corrupt and immoral throw-off of the Mormon Church, the question of when a child becomes an adult has been thrust into the headlines.

This is a question and a perplexing conundrum which haunted me for years: not when, but why? Let me explain.

Obviously this sect believes that a young girl of thirteen is a woman and can be married and have children. In the past this was an accepted concept, because life expectancy was so brief that it was necessary for the survival of our species. Biologically this is ever the case, especially in these times of overloaded environmental hormones; some girls are ovulating as young as ten (this is a topic for another time).

Is this lunatic sect the only place in all of the country that thirteen to seventeen year old girls are having babies? I don’t think so. Then the question is: why the selected enforcement? Is it because they are white, dress in funny clothes, and are an easy target?

Literally hundreds of thousands of early teens have become mothers over the past forty years. It is nothing new. They are from all walks of life, but mostly lower income. We have expressed concern for all that time, but have done very little.

In those cases, I know of very few children that were forcibly taken from their mothers or extended families (grandma), even though many became grandmothers themselves at twenty-five to thirty years of age. The few (in relationship to the whole) that were taken, was because of abuse or drugs, not a general hostile programmed systematic removal. If that would have occurred all hell would have erupted.

Speaking of abuse, much has been made of fractured and broken bones in the cult kids. If you take a look closely, it was less than 10%, which unless I am mistaken is far below the norm for the country at large. It would appear to be a much safer environment than the “outside” world. As far as I know there is no direct evidence of physical abuse. This is simply another example of headline grabbing, self-fulfilling and self-justifying bureaucratic aggrandizement, and will remain so until proof is presented.

The bottom line is, there was simply no justification for tearing those families apart, and worse: who will they go after next in the quest for fame and power, your family?

In part II, Why do we want to keep our kids from becoming adults?

Be Informed,

The Hammer


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