Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Future is Upon Us!

Buenos Dias All,

I have just returned from a trip to Mexico. It gave me time to rest and revive my mind, body and soul.

It has been a while since I last wrote. This was mainly due to medical and family problems, as well as other unforeseen events, and a general degree of ennui. Some of the more interesting traumas I may share in future entries.

Since the selection of English speaking channels on Mexican cable was very limited (as well as my Spanish comprehension), I watched an inordinate amount of news coverage causing me to reflect on the life and times in which we are living. I have always said it is important for everyone to become aware of the important events surrounding us, consider what each of us can do in altering life for the best, and take as strong of a stand as possible to accomplish those goals. This is why I am going to give a concerted effort to writing and stimulating controversy on a regular basis.

Again, for the record I state my simple belief system, and fundamental rules of life which have guided me very nicely through life and all of its turmoil. These are the basis of all of my viewpoints and approaches to solutions for the many problems we encounter as individuals and as a society.

Fact #1: There is a Universal Life-Force (God if you will), and you had better have a close and intimate relationship with It.

Fact #2: Each and everyone of us are responsible for our own actions, and

Fact #3: we are damn sure accountable for those actions.

Boil down the 10 Commandments, or all of the laws, rituals, or myths of any religious teaching, and this is what you get. If we as a nation would consider these ideas each time we write a new law, we wouldn’t have 25,000 plus volumes of law to enrich lawyers to decipher and regulate our lives.

As always, be prepared, the future is upon us,

The Hammer


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